Our Services

Equestrian Event Management

From obtaining the dates until the final tent has been torn down and stowed away for next year, MMG can handle every detail of your event’s production. With decades of experience, Michael and Matt Morrissey have the intimate knowledge needed to produce first-class events of any scale. They can handle every possible aspect of show production from start to finish. 

Jumps, Judges and Course Designers

MMG has developed relationships with every top hunter and jumper judge in the nation, and can make immediate contact for the hiring of officials for your show. World-class hunter judges, stewards and the most knowledgeable jumper judges are on their roster. A decades-long relationship with Stephens Designs, one of the world’s leading producers of jumps of every variety, allows MMG to stage any possible course, from the pony ring up to the grand prix field and everything in between. The world’s best Course Designers can be available for your next production, all with a phone call from the team at MMG.

Operations and Logistics

With vast experience under their belts, including production of events such as the Longines FEI World Cup Qualifying events, the American Invitational, the American Gold Cup, the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival, the Wellington Masters and so many more, MMG is in a position to handle all of your needs to make your production even better than you could have dreamed possible. Services include but are not limited to tent rentals, office staffing, feed, bedding and supplies, any variety and any number of jumps for any number of show rings, jump crew staffing, vendors, catering, the hiring of officials, the creation and printing of prize lists and programs, EMS staffing, equipment and any other facet of hosting an equestrian sports competition that you can think of.

Strategic Consulting Services for Equestrian Projects

Have an idea and need just the right team to get the ball rolling? MMG can help you get your project off the ground. Contact us today to discuss your next project!